GB FMS Jack Zeqir Rrapo Interview

We are living in a world where a deep and long term strategic thinking is what differentiate a very successful organization from others. It also means the very survival of an enterprise in this highly competitive marketplace.

GB FMS Jack Zeqir Rrapo

So, what makes Gold Bricks FMS so special?

To start with, we are unique in a way because it’s the only Korean born company who plays a key role in improving client’s performance through adding value and quality. What does that mean? It means we let clients focus on what they do best, which is product, planning, implementation, improvement, satisfaction, etc. This way, clients will have much more needed time, resources and energy to add to their needs.

Having already established a highly successful model, Gold Bricks mission now is to lead and make local and international clients aware of the benefits provided by implementing our FM model into their respective organization. It is a “help us to help you” situation.

Our model has already been successfully implemented in some big organizations like ABB Korea, Coupang, KT, just to name a few. It didn’t take long for these organizations to realize the benefits (tangible and intangible ones) they have achieved by partnering with Gold Bricks FMS.

We are well aware of the fact that many multinational companies are looking into Korea as a test bed for the entire region. However, the question these multinationals must continuously face on daily basis is “change”. Therefore, the vital question is not if, but how. The “How” question is a strategic component of our business model and it is deeply incorporated into Gold Bricks very own DNA. It is because of this question that we are capable of offering scope based solutions at a guaranteed maximum price and high standards to our clients.

How does Gold Bricks do it?

Firstly, our understanding of global trends and challenges facing companies. Secondly, our capability to filter and analyze these challenges. Thirdly, our approach and solutions to these challenges.

Our approach is what the customer sees from us through savings and quality service. Scope based solutions are built together with client’s organization. Service integration is built around efficiency and simplified work structure. Single contract between a client and us makes it easy and puts them into heart of what we do. A wide delivery areas as well as a large mix of customers makes it for a flexible approach to your needs.

To summit it up, our approach and solution is made to reduce costs and increase value while making your business more sustainable, efficient and fit for tomorrow.

We are here to take care of your needs, and would love to meet and listen to you in person. Let us know, we will drop by and have a chat.

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